'We are truly going to rise or fall together'... 'We are truly going to rise or fall together'... http://www.drudgereport.com/ Do not fooled tooled by USA liar Bill Clinton's ass whore. You may fall toge G2000ther with them, you must have no way to rise together with them. You must need to have the common sense and brain cell to know that your ass kiss 澎湖民宿er must have no right to rise together with you to figure out you can only fall together with that stupid bad ugly evil USA liar Bill Clinton's ass whore (Do not blam 小額信貸e second class USA citizen like me have to point out you with the plain words "Ass WHore" that I have no way to learn from my English textbook in TAiwan, blame USA sucking President dare sh 買屋amelessly display USA liar Bill Clinton's ass whore <Just see how that stupid bad ugly evil liar Bill Blinton's ass whore trying to sell entire USA out of her big mouthful hole.: HILLARY PLEAS W 新成屋ITH COMMUNISTS TO KEEP BUYING TREASURY BONDS...http://www.drudgereport.com/>in front to the world to see we the people like nothing.). Your government must have no right to sell whatever your bond out of your own citizens, n 小額信貸ot mention to sell whatever to other nation or rebel. Because if you do, you will lose your right to make self-defense in any circumstance like Chinese said "Yao.Chain.May.Yo. Yao.Mean.1.Tyao" that take away your military right to guard your right, that 九份民宿 take away your right to seal your border, you don't even have the right like MouJerDong did to seal their own border to abandon whatever bank accounts that they owned in the rest of the world. Then what your government supposed to do to deal with that sucking 土地買賣situation? They should just watch your bond become worthless to see every public workers lose the right to get pay check to resign one by one. Let public school cannot have money to pay anything they buy, so that no commerical ever dare suck in that place, let every teacher cannot get the pa 好房網y check, so that no sucking evil doer ever want to work there that how a good teach like that movie "To Sir with Love" may have chance to be heartily invited to be your teacher.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! ARMANI  .


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